About Us

Hard Work And Vision

Dave Zawistowski

Lake Nokomis began as, and continues to be, a family business. In 1973 Dave began as a hired hand on the farm by beautiful North Nokomis Lake, located between Sugar Camp & Lake Tomahawk, WI.  After much hard work and vision, Dave purchased the farm in 1977, naming it Lake Nokomis Cranberries. Since then, Dave has grown the farm from 50 to 320 producing acres, increasing the quality and quantity of the berries, as well as employee housing.

Future plans include a gift shop & winery.  In 2010, Dave expanded his business by purchasing another marsh in Stone Lake, WI, naming it Golden Pond.  Golden Pond has 60 producing acres and has future plans of expanding.

Lake Nokomis Cranberries currently sells wine and future plans include our own winery!

The farm also produces Dave's Topsoil. Dave began selling topsoil in 1977 and has become one of the largest providers of topsoil in the area.  It is true black dirt.  Local people love this dirt for their gardens & landscaping projects.  Contact us for more info!